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Thread: External battery for SB800

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    Default External battery for SB800

    I used to bring rechargeable batteries and find this is troublesome and the likelihood that the battery goes out on me at the crucial time. Recently was at my coy's family day and have seen the photographer with a external battery pack connected to the flash with a sling bag.

    Appreciate if members can help on this:
    1. Where can I get one of those?
    2. How much does it cost?
    3. How many shots can 1 of this last?
    4. Whats the time needed to recharge one of this thing?

    Appreciate all the advice I can get, cheers!!

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    Default Re: External battery for SB800

    The most popular one is probably the one manufactured by Quantum but this is quite expensive. Their website is

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    Default Re: External battery for SB800

    don't be stingy on batteries, use the 2700mAh NiMh batteries, buy a few sets, when you come to crucial time, change a new set of batteries, since batteries is rechargeable, don't have to use until the last drop of juice.

    if you have cash to spare, consider a SD-8A, it's only $250, but you still need to have 6 pieces of AA batteries to run it since it is just a casing.

    you also can consider Quantum turbo, it's about $1200. it will fried you SB800 if you always shoot at rapid fire.

    there are many other battery pack, but most battery packs are not meant for casual shooters.

    Hope this help.
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    Default Re: External battery for SB800

    you also can consider a smaller version, Quantum 1+, it's about <600. it will let you fire SB800 in rapid as well. PM me if you want the local distributor contact
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    Default Re: External battery for SB800

    There are a few options.

    a) Nikon's SD-8A (it uses AA batteries to recharge the flash and increase the response time) cost is about $200 or so.

    b) Quantum Turbo batteries (has it's own battery cell which needs to be charged using it's proprietary charger unit) A few models exists which can work with the SB-800. Check on the cable connections for each model. Cost can be from $600 (second hand) to $1200 (brand new)

    c) Eastgear has a external battery which is pretty similar to the Quantum turbo and can even use the same cables. Check with them on the cost.
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    Default Re: External battery for SB800

    yup eastgear has the 2x2. I last heard their promotional price was 699(RRP 799).
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