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    Hi Bros,

    I posted the following picture at Abstract & Still Life earlier in the week but received no feedback. So I thought I'll repost it here to get some pointers from you guys.

    The picture shows a wood carving artpiece of Buddha's face which I bought from Bangkok. It's now hung in my sitting room. Everytime I looked at it, it gives me a calm and tranquil feeling and it changes the mood of the house too. I've tried to photographed it on previously occasions but somehow is not able to capture the same mood in my pictures. Last weekend, we bought some orchids to brighten up our home for CNY. I tried to take some shots of the orchids but saw the buddha in the background in my VF. I focused instead on the buddha and shot. After reviewing the shot, I felt the same moods as if I was looking at the real thing.

    Your C&Cs are most valued.

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    Personally i find the orchid is causing distraction rather than complementing. Maybe you do a tighter crop, show the face only.

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    btw, how big is the carving and how much did you pay for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rain-man View Post
    btw, how big is the carving and how much did you pay for it?
    Hmmm...about 0.8m by 0.5m before framing. Bought in MBK, Bangkok for about SGD65. Came back to Singapore spent SGD120 to frame it and after than size of the entire piece is larger by 10cm all round. You can see a picture of the entire carving below.


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