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    Anybody know where and got good recommendation?? Helping a client to look for a good place for car detailing, for a car wash and mobile car washing services. Arghhh

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    there's a car detailing service at SPC along river valley road (near to the delta house end of the road), but it is definitely not mobile.

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    i know someone on another forum that does car grooming on the move. prefer to be at a carpark with a water source though.

    with the following descriptions :
    1.wash car with non-detergent formula that is gentle on all painted finishes.
    2.wash rim with crystal detergent and crystal clear water.
    3.claybar treatment to remove all stains and tars to restore the original smooth finish.(if necessary)
    4.Applying sealant to create excellent deep reflections and brilliant shine.It also minimize swirls marks and scretches.
    5.carbauna wax to create high gloss finish,superior shine.(Done by hand)
    1.applying detailer onto dashboard and door panels for a gloosy finish.
    2.vacuum floorboards and de-dust all carpet.
    3.applying leather conditional onto all leather seats for a glossy finish.

    if you are keen i could pm him for his contact


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