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Thread: Please recommend a hand light meter for studio work

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    Default Please recommend a hand light meter for studio work

    Hi, I am new to studio work (although I have my ). Any kind soul can recommend some options of hand light meters for studio outdoor work?

    Budget: 200~500 (new or 2nd hand)
    Requirement: Studio/outdoor work (is spot metering necessary? I think I will eventually get a camera with spot metering so should I need a light meter with spot metering as well?).


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    For the budget you can get brand new the Sekonic L308BII or the Polaris Flashmeter. If I am not mistaken the Polaris is cheaper. Both are excellent value for money flashmeters.

    You do not really need the spot meter unless you are going to do landscape work. Furthermore, Incident metering is more accurate

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    Get the Dual 5. Good for studio and has spot metering ;P And within your budget even buying it new!

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    You can also consider Minolta VF, cost wise is about $500+, can measure either flash light or ambient light. In fact I may be getting 1 myself soon.

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    Minolta IV F

    lucky if can get 2ndhand for ard $300-$350

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