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Thread: Which brand is better

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    Default Which brand is better

    Hi pple

    i thinking of getting canon ..but i also do not want to miss out what the other brands have ...
    can you guys help me to get understand better between the difference with other brands ..such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Etc

    I understand they are of different technologies....

    so need u guys help..and for entry level . wat are the differnt models ...and also for the mid-range.....


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    Default Re: Which brand is better

    i assume u wanna buy a dSLR?

    read this guide: (and i mean the whole guide )

    rmb, u are not only choosing the brand, but a system. differnent brands uses a different system.
    make sure b4 u buy anything u try them out and u feel comfortable with that.
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    Default Re: Which brand is better

    Agree on the above post. By asking this question it would incur a brands war here which could be a big problem. Go try it out personally instead.
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    Default Re: Which brand is better

    If you can shoot, anything is good!

    Don't go for brands, go for which one you're comfortable in your hands, grip, feel, user interface, functionality, etc. Read up first before buying!
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    Since this has alreadhy been covered about 1,000 times before... Have you tied a search? All brands have their advantages over the other. It really depends on which camera fits your budget and fits your hand the best!

    Heck, you might not even need a DSLR.


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