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    This is my first time attending an event and posting for critique. It was SOY Cosplay at NP.

    Saw this posing for pictures, before i can get near her, she walked away. This shot was taken when she was walking away from the photographers and she spotted me....

    I have added warm filter to the surounding (except the subject) to make the photo look "smoother". Also to reduce the disturbing colours.

    Taken at below settings:
    Lens 50mm F1.8II
    Aperture F 2.0
    exposure 1/250
    Exposure bias +0.3 (forgot to change back)
    White Balance Auto

    C&C on this newbie pls. Thanks.
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    ISO 400.

    Hope to learn from you all.

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    It's a candid snapshot, not much to comment on. Next time ask the subject if he/she can spare a few minutes of their time and take a proper portrait. Then post up here for critique.

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    very cluttered, too cluttered to make this a good photo in any sense

    cosplayers are usually more than obliging to pose, from what i've heard. after all, it does take a certain type of guts to dress up as your favourite character, so what was suggested in the last poster before me would more likely than not, work. that way you could have a better background, better lighting conditions, better composition, better everything.

    grabbing a candid is usually only interesting if there is something special going on - a look? isn't much to work on, hope you catch my drift.

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    Thank you both for the honest remarks and teaching . Yes, i do asked some of the cosplayer to pose, but i did not post the picture here

    I will post another picture here again next week.


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