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Thread: Tranquility And Power

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    Took along East Coast Park at night.
    Camera: Canon S5 IS
    ISO: 80
    Exposure: 4 Seconds
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    Could you provide a short writeup? Like what you are trying to achieve, why are the elements included, etc
    If you could provide some self analysis that would be great too.

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    very nice exposure for a night photo, i see the idea as well, and love the low perspective taken. my only quibble with this picture is that the bicycle should be placed slightly more to the right, vantage point such that it is also more side-on, slightly too.

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    Wow! Very nice... I like your bike more than the tranquility. Hehe.. I feel that if the cam is places maybe 1 step to the left, to show more of the side view of the bike, while bringing out the details of the front tyre and suspension, would be nicer. Just how I may do it though... but you did a good job in the exposure! Well done dude!

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    I got your points! Will incorporate it into my pictures in future!


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