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Thread: Clubsnappers on ?

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    Default Clubsnappers on ?

    Hey.. just wonder is anyone uploads to ?

    from what i know, they reward members who have the highest pageviews every week. Also they mention unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. So generous??

    You guys might wanna check out?

    I've just sign up myself.. let's see if it's any good,.

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    Interesting. Will check out as well. Thanks for the tip!

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    i just checked it out there is a plan/subscription thingy. not exactly unlimited.

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    Actually its not unlimited photo storage. False advertising??!?! They only have 1G for the free and 8G for the paid. I'm already with photobucket with 1G, so not sure if there is any point to sign-up.

    The link to show the product features is here

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    oh? it changes now. cos they were doing some major revamp on the site.

    here's the new changes.

    2x better than photobucket i must say.

    below is the page


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