I’ve noticed for some time that the naming convention between an album and a book is all mixed up, not just the consumers, pros are guilty too.
I’ll start this thread to clarify these misconceptions. Those knowledgeable and are in the business are welcome to chip in.

1) 3R or 4R slot-in photo album. ($2 to $50)
2) Photo Print mounted Album – The trendy term now is “coffee table album” (kinda misleading). Traditional method of mounting photo printouts onto a board, contents of 20 pages is fairly bulky, 30 pages would weigh a ton. Some call it “flush-mount album” or just simply “wedding album”. ($200 to $1000) Usually for trade professionals.
3) Photobook – General consumer, low price but not necessary low quality. Some vendors would offer simple application to design thru download.
...i) Printed digitally on paper with a digital device, from low-end toner copier devices to high-end ink presses. Affordable and can be printed with just one book. Card cover with a thinner paper content, looks and feel like a magazine. ($30 to $100)
...ii) Hard cover book or case would cost a bit more, contents of 20 pages would look like some kids story book, hence the name story book. ($50 to $200) A bigger and thicker book can be called a “coffee table book” too.
4) Coffee table books
...i) Traditionally, it’s printed on huge offset presses , section thread sewn and case bounded. Usually commissioned by publishers and volumes are required.
...ii) The trendy term now is “coffee table book”. You can also print 1 or 2 books on a high-end digital presses using ink, looks like the real thing, and feels like offset printed too. ($100-$300) Usually professionally designed and produced for trade only.

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