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Thread: Tsonga, australian open

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    Default Tsonga, australian open

    hi guys, i find the news very interesting..

    a side note, when i saw him on news yesterday..i kept thinking he looked like mohammad ali..

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    Default Re: Tsonga, australian open

    the press are calling him Mohammad Ali coz of his uncanny resemblance to the great boxer.

    I hope he does well in today's final against Novak Djokovic. kinda hoping for him to win, since I always like to see the underdogs go through. (=

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    It is a pity Federer made so many errors on his service game when closing out the first set against Djokovic. Dunno what happen to him that day.

    It would be really nice to see the no 1 fight against an unseeded player

    If Tsonga played as well as he did against Nadal, the only way Djokovic can win is serve REALLY REALLY well. Tsonga was really incredible against Nadal. I have never seen such drop volleys.

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    Tsonga rushed too much, and towards the end, made a lot of unforced errors, while Djokovic played it slow, attempting to do a Nadal and waste time.


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