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    Well, i just install photoshop 3 weeks ago and still learning how to use the photoshop. Took an old picture from my archive and did some editing and i hope u guys can give me comments on how to improve my editing

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    personally i think its a good attempt. i am thinking of trying these type of pp this weekend.

    only flaw i noted is the burning you did around the subject. not as nicely done esp at the top right hand side of the head.

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    impressive, i'm not sure of what else to add on already but maybe you can try different colours for different mood. purplish tinge is abit unique for a scene like that but I think it still turned out pretty well. How about having some other textures and eerie background to give the overall picture more content?

    just my simple suggestions, i think this picture is good enough!

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    please be reminded to keep all discussions relevant to the critique of the picture posted in critique corner.

    on top of that, discussions related to softwares from unofficial sources are not allowed on this forum as well.

    all off-topic posts have been removed.
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