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Thread: C & C please

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    Default C & C please

    Took this shot when walking around at the school that I work in. Anyway, it's after a rain and I thot that it would be nice to take a shots of the flower with water droplets on the plant.

    Honest Feedback for newbie to improve. Cheers !!!

    Picture Taken from a Canon EOS 300D
    Shutter Speed 1/125 sec
    Lens Aperture F/5.6
    Focal Length 76mm
    ISO Speed 400m
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    Default Re: C & C please

    go closer, focus (as in drawing viewers attention) on one or two flowers with water droplet.

    to highlight the subject better, make the b/g have contrast with the subject.

    for close up on static subject, use tripod for better sharpness
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    Default Re: C & C please

    Might want to use bigger aperture to isolate the background more.


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