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Thread: a few random shots.

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    Wink a few random shots.

    I hope you guys can give me an honest opinion and ways to improve my shots. Edited in PS. bump color or to give mood. *shrugs* I'm lost most of the time... so maybe alittle guidance from the gurus here might do me good.

    We were bored. He had his wig on. I had my camera with me. He looks like a goon. had to take a snap. The place was green. He had his shades on. That made me feel 70's.

    And yes. I just read the double nonoposting and must write up.
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    Default Re: a few random shots.

    Probably a tighter crop to avoid the ladder poles on the right.

    BG could also do well with a good touch of gaussian blur to blur out the BG to let the viewers concentrate more on the subject.
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