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Thread: Using a flash gun with digital camera

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    Default Using a flash gun with digital camera

    I have the Mertz flash gun to work together with the 717 without TTL.
    the flash gun power is adjusted with the aperature used.
    But those aperature settings are for film cameras, and digital camera aperature range is small, so should i compensate for it? (eg, F5.6 on the camera, set it at F11 for the flash gun?)
    or should i just follow the aperature settings accordingly.

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    just use the aperture settings accordingly, there is no need to compensate. However, the calibration on some cameras or flashes may not be entirely accurate so if flash output is off, then you may have to compensate a little. But generally, there is no need to compensate.

    btw it's "aperture" not "aperature".
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    Sice digital camera, only rage from F2~F8. think its like only 2~3 setting could be used on the flash gun, what a waste.

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    What do you mean "waste"?

    The settings on the flash are meant to match the camera, if your camera doesn't need it, so be it.

    You are not losing out on anything at all......

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    well said, zerstorer.


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