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Thread: Important! Camera for Underwater shooting

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    That'll be the day, that you can see 3 or 4m underwater at Sentosa I think that the best place for you to try that out would be in a swimming pool, and you'll be probably 1-2 meter below your subject. At sentosa, I think you have a viz of less than 1 meter, and even at that distance your photos will turn out pretty unattractive.

    Are you just doing this out of curiosity or is it for some sort of a project?

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    mmm, i agree. no such thing as clarity in singapore waters. can you do some editing to your pictures hah, to make it look like taken on open waters?

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    actually, i don't need the subject to be visible...
    What i want is a silhouette of that person swimming.... against the strong sunlight..... so the person is totally black... no need for details

    Does public swimming pools allow people to shoot? or is there any private pool at some training center or something? i reallt don't know....
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    Originally posted by beivied
    yawn.. just woke up... had a nightmare that my c5050z lens is covered with dust and dead insects .... so scary!!!!!!!!
    what could be worse than insects crawling OUT from your 5050...

    Ling, someone else posted the Cathay or some other shop at marina square sells it, did you check out the links i posted on this thread?

    by the way, unless you have fins, i think it's pretty hard to go 4 to 5 meters underwater in sentosa's murky waters. not to mention that it's also dangerous too, due to low visibility. once you see clear seawaters, you'll try to keep yourself OUT of local waters

    to shoot in swimming pools, you have to contact their pool supervisor - otherwise you'll be chased out for being a nuisance to others.

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