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Thread: Autolevel ?

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    Question Autolevel ?

    What actually does autolevel in photoshop does ?
    When I tried it on my photo, the green cast (which one guy mentioned that my photo has) is gone and the picture somesort become clearer and nicer.
    But when I tried autolevel with breezebrowser, it doesn't give me the same effect as photoshop (I have to adjust the black point % and white point %)
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    Hmmm... Autolevel in PS doesnt always give the best results. For me, I like to play around with Hue, Saturation, Curves, maybe even colour balance... Esp with the pics i scanned using my lousy scanner, tends to be bluish.
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    Never, ever, use Auto Level in PS ... there may be an application where it helps, but I haven't found it yet. Most of the time it blows out the highlights for me.


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