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Thread: Poor result from developing Digital Photo

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    Default Poor result from developing Digital Photo

    I just got my photos developed which I took in Europe but the colors turned out very DULL!!! What I see on my screen is not I got from the actual developed photos.

    I need some advice here on where to sent for developing and what to take note. I'm shooting with 10D and using AdobeRGB. Thanks.

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    Which lab did you try?

    Anyway, it's a bad idea to send AdobeRGB images to the labs. sRGB appears to work better.


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    Any way to achieve good printout from AdobeRGB or should I convert them to sRGB (possible???)

    I used Singapore Color Centre.

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    I'm afraid all those fancy machines that does the printing don't have enough brains to understand anything but sRGB. Furthermore, their gamut is even smaller than sRGB. You're doomed to use their stupid gamut. The best you can do is work in AdobeRGB, and convert to sRGB before you send it to them.

    To convert to sRGB, under PS7, Image->mode-> Convert to Profile and then choose sRGB. Clubsnap has a few favourite color centre. One of them even have their profile available online to allow you to view the actual look if you print with them...
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