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Thread: Who prefers an S5IS over a DSLR?

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    Default Re: Who prefers an S5IS over a DSLR?

    Quote Originally Posted by windwaver View Post
    I keep my prosumer as spare. Frankly, if you feel that you're using your proconsumer over your DSLR for shooting, that means you didn't buy enough lenses for your DSLR loh
    agreed! honestly,a DSLR (even a D3!) is nothing without good lenses

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    Default Re: Who prefers an S5IS over a DSLR?

    I was torn between S5 and 450D at the IT show recently (although in the end i didn't buy any ).

    Reasons choosing S5:
    • Tight budget
    • Good zoom, therefore, no need buy lens
    • Versatile
    • Less maintenance
    • Video recording (your preference)

    Reasons not choosing S5:
    • Value drop pretty drastically? not sure.
    • DSLR is obviously a better camera
    • Not expandable (lens)

    Bottomline: It seems to be a budget issue

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    Default Re: Who prefers an S5IS over a DSLR?

    I guess the issues, besides budget, are really whether picture quality is really that critical to your applications. While a dSLR is versatile in that you can buy newer and better lenses over time, the catch is that those will likely be bulky, weigh a lot and cost you quite a bit. There's also the question of storage. If shooting quickly on tour where there isn't time to change lenses or there's a chance that you lose a lens from dropping it off a cliff, the S5 may be a better choice. If image quality isn't that critical, you can simply get another camera to cover for the optics range the S5 doesn't have. Basically, you're taking another compact camera as a "lens", and they also double as backup bodies =p

    For dSLRs, responsiveness is generally higher than that of a compact or bridge, plus they offer precise adjustments more rapidly. So yeah...go with which works best for *your* needs.

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    Default Re: Who prefers an S5IS over a DSLR?

    There are times where you know a prosumer would do the job, such as going for an overseas trip with heavy luggage or even times whereby you are lazy to bring the DSLR with you when meeting your friends.

    I think its really depending on the situation to chose from the available options.
    Let's get rolling :)

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