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Thread: Would you buy a Nikon D70 for $350?

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Nikon D70 for $350?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigrockshow View Post
    lol..can give that a try la.. currently now looking at two beginner models... Nikon D40 and Olympus E330
    Well... keep in mind that when you buy a camera, you are buying into a system, and there will be considerations later, e.g. flash, lenses, after-sales support, etc. Hope you get your DSLR soon and have a great time shooting!
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    Default Re: Would you buy a Nikon D70 for $350?

    I will suggest u get a D70/D70s instead of d40. If i'm not wrong D40 have some problem supporting other higher end lenses. Take note, D70/s comes with a Master Built-in Flash, it will come in handy when u are planning to do Creative Lighting System as u will onli require 1 external flash. As for the kit lens, if u can, try get a 18-70mm, it will basically cover all the range u need, if not u can always try 18-55mm D50 kit lens which is cheaper. Cheers!

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    even now I still think D70 is a very good camera to learn about photography and can still take very good pictures.
    At 350, it's really quite a steal.
    Do checkout the condition and ask for shutter count though.

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Nikon D70 for $350?

    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay View Post
    why VR? correct basic hand holding is still important. at 85 or 55mm, i don't see how much VR really helps.
    well, i agree basic handholding is important but i dont always shoot in the correct style. when the light isnt good, any help is important, even at 85mm or 55mm.

    if the TS likes running and gunning, e.g. shooting wo a tripod, go with VR for more usable shots
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