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Thread: Scanning slides and Negatives

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    Question Scanning slides and Negatives

    My room is kinda dusty, so when I scan slides of negatives I always end up with "extra elements" (unwanted)
    What can I use to wipe my slides or negatives without degrading the original specimen?
    Also (on a slightly different topic): What B&W slide film are available (if any)?
    Thanks for any help!

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    Step 1 : Grow thick skin (married or confident people skip step 1)

    Step 2 : Go to cosmetics counter and get one of those brushes that the fairer sex use to put powder on, but look for one that has a cap on it.

    The cap keeps the dust off the brush, and if the soft bristles don't hurt skin, it should not have any undue effect on film.

    Before you scan, use it to dust both sides of the media you're scanning. That includes prints as well (obviously, dust only one side of an opaque media unless you are pedantic about getting dust into your scanner, or your room is right next to a truck stop )

    I use this for quick field dustings of my lenses as well.

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    PEC 12 @ S$28 a bottle, you can find it in Cathay Marina. It will clean away all oil base stains (Finger Prints) and fungus from slides or negatives without damaging it.


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