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Thread: 450D coming out soon?

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    Default 450D coming out soon?

    Hi pple

    i read somewhere in the forum stated that 450D is coming out soon.

    and is believed to have live view mode...
    thinking of waiting for that version...

    however, do you think that i should get a 400D or 450D or evern a 40D

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    Default Re: 450D coming out soon?

    if you can wait then wait, if you have the $$ then get 40D, but I personally would get 400D with better lens if I cant wait.

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    Default Re: 450D coming out soon?

    I will not wait if I would like to shoot asap. Is live view really important to you? I would rather to get 40D as 400D and 40D are different class of camera.

    Hope this helps.
    Let's get rolling :)


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