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    Default posb debit cards

    what's the difference between the posb mastercard debit and the posb go! enhanced atm card? both are able to use as ATM cards and MasterCard...
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    the former can be used for online purchases

    the latter cannot least that's what the lady at the counter told me...

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    and quite a bloody nightmare to use it, esp overseas.

    For the GO card, you can only use Mastercard for purchases of up to $2000, but only $1000 max in one go, hassle.

    Overseas, some places do not honour the card, cos your numbers in front has no indents, so some acient machines cannot carbon copy your card. Some Mastercard portals cannot be used for payments as well.

    Just think of it as a ATM card, your life will be much happier person.

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    posb went and suspended my debit card (the orange one) when i went italy, say people might have stolen my card

    boh pian, have to write email to them and take the chance to suan them.. after all i have been using it to book hostels online in italy.. obviously.. make sense that i'd go there, no?

    but it works overseas.. for the one time it could be used to purchase railway tickets


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