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Thread: Matrix phone in sg?

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    Default Matrix phone in sg?

    Is the samsung matrix phone available in sg? me thinks it has nice industrial design!

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    I don't think anytime soon....
    I think it was designed exclusively for the movie.

    If it releases, I think it's design will beat the other phones flat.

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    It's only available in North America for now. Read here:,00.htm

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    it was in the papers yesterday...forgot which....theres one for auction...some shop in junction 8 i think....but the hp can't be used in singapore....stated a cdma something phone
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    Default Cannot use in sg?


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    Default Re: Cannot use in sg?

    Originally posted by Vilya
    if the thread starter is referring to the brick phone, yeah then it cannot be used in singapore as it is designed for CDMA network, as for V200 you can use it in singapore

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    Default Get a Sony Ericsson instead

    This is my phone

    just joking.
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