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Thread: Chinatown against CBD

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    Default Chinatown against CBD

    Took this shot from a carpark roof top in Chinatown. Showing the contrast of old shophouses along chinatown against the skyscrapers in CBD. This is my first HDR, please comment if it is done correctly. Thanks!
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    picture isn't showing, do check your link

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    its showing at my side. How do we link pic from picasaweb?
    anyway. the pic is here
    pls comment. Thanks!

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    trying to link it again. let me know if it still doesn't show.

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    just to ask, how many shots of hdr did you take, and what program did you use?

    composition aside, which to me isn't too bad actually.. there are massive problems in terms of distortion, tilt and perspective, though easily corrected in ps cs2.

    if you want my opinion of how the hdr thing is going, it is not good. i do not see how you seem to have expanded the dynamic range from a normal single exposure.

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    i took 2 shots.. one to expose for the CBD, one to expose for the shophouses. I used ps cs2 under File> Automate> HDR to do this. single exposure will either over expose the shophouse or under expose the CBD.
    may i know which part of the picture is distorted or tilt?

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    ah. probably taken at a later timing than i thought though.

    i find that photomatix is better than cs2 for hdr. almost every magazine i have read addressing the issue also agrees with this, though they also agree that ps cs2 takes a less "artificial" approach when it comes to reproducing colors.

    have taken the liberty of circling the areas where it is very apparent, hope you do not mind

    picture after correction and crop, apologies about the signature

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    some adjustments to the image made after correction and crop

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    Thanks for pointing it out.. i will go give photomatix a try too =)

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    would be better if the background buildings are much much brighter...

    photomatix vs dynamic-photo hdr.. i will choose the latter
    but photomatix is a good program to start with... very easy to use

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    I think the background could be brighter, the foreground is too bright which forces us to focus on the front however there is nothing really worthy of viewing in front. Cant really figure out what is the point of interest in the photo. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    One tip I was given by a friend is to take nightshots of the CDB near the end of the month when a lot of people have to work overtime for month-end closing. May get a more spectacular lighting of the office towers. Just my 2 cents.


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