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    Writing this during my lunch break.
    I just need some opinion regarding how I should tackle the issues im facing in my new job.
    Just started work in a high profile media company. I was offered a senior post in a very administrative intensive dept which overseas the sales support for my company.
    What I found out is that from before I was even offered the job, the dept was undergoing a re-structuring but apparently it was met with certain levels of resistance from the existing staffs. However as I was not in the picture prior to my employment, I chose to just 'go with the flow' of things and adopt the new structure.
    But one month down the road, it became clear that this 'merger' was hastily planned and structured. Many of the old birds who already have the knowledge and experience need to take on additional tasks on top of their former scope. For me, as a newbie I have to learn everything from scratch and expect to perform on par if not better than the juniors simply cos I was conferred the SENIOR title. But I felt it is extremely unfair to me, especially considering the amount of training I received is so haphazard (in the old system, new staffs undergo an intensive 2-3 mths of training before having hands on, I only had less than 2 weeks of it).
    It dosent help that my dept is structured where everyone takes care of their own area of scope, which I feel dose not give any room for teamwork. And as expected, when I was 'thrown' into the job itself, mistakes were made and soon enough my boss sat down and started to 'have a nice chat' with me. Worse scenerio now is 3 of the senior experienced staffs have tendered their resignation, and i am expected to cover some of their work as well.
    I have intentions to meet my boss to talk about the problems I face and how it is affecting my work. But naturally, it is a risky move as i do not know how my new boss is like, for i may just make life 'miserable for myself'. But if i do not do so, i will be facing an even worse possible scenario of 'digging deeper into my own grave'.
    So...if u were in my shoes, what would you do?

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    Your management sure know in advace those 3 'senior' are leaving that is why getting senior to replace.

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    talk to your boss. he doesnt like it, then you can quit.

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    seriously... working for any high profile companies, they'd expect you to perform beyond expectations. what more from a senior position. it's the same everywhere. they hire you because they are impressed with you during the interviews. so now, it's the time to see if you live out to what you portrayed yourself to be previously.

    you are thrown into the open ocean to stay afloat. if you sink, you die. if you managed to stay afloat, you survive till the next wave hit you. and you try to keep yourself afloat again and again.

    if you can't take it, you quit... they hire again. it's easy to hire people. people are attracted to high profile companies. but staying there and living up to expectations... that's difficult to achieve for most.

    all the best to you dude.

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    If I were to be in your shoes, I would have a tactful talk with my immediate boss.

    Let him know my difficulties and yet at the same time, bring across the fact that I am willing to work hard and undertake more responsibilities as it makes me feel valued; However, at the same time, ask for help and guidance and let him know that you are still learning the ropes.

    If all else fails, I would quit and look for some other jobs. No doubt the pay and status is there for a high profile company, but, the question is, is it worth the sufferings? I would rather in a happy working environment with average pay than have a rope around my neck for a higher post.

    Hope things will take a better turn for you


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