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Thread: Need some help here...

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    Unhappy Need some help here...

    I will going for Jay concert tis friday, i am using a Sony H5..

    would like to ask for advise on how to get the best pics w.o using a tripod and not using flash?
    wat settings do i haf to set and which mode should i set to?

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    i think it will be very difficult..

    not too sure where you are seating.. but you're probably some distance away from him.. even with steadyshot i dun think you will be able to get clear pictures.. besides if you are just "seated" there.. probably wouldn't have many interesting view / perspectives..

    and as you said.. flash is a no no.. besides you are so far away from him.. dun think any flash will be helpful.. other than to make the "heads" in front of you white.. =)

    can try upping your iso.. that's the least you can do..

    why not sit back and enjoy the concert.. (singing along maybe?!) =)

    enjoy yourself~

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    Default Re: Need some help here...

    buy a more expansive seat
    up your iso
    set to shutter priority and go with the slowest you dare (keep in mind subject movement)


    that is all you can do, other than buying a D3 and shooting at ISO 25600
    actually ISO3200 with a f2.8 lens can do already

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    Default Re: Need some help here...

    went to a few concerts and erm, usually set it to auto mode which ish ok i guess~~~

    i will definitely be singing along, waited for tis concert for a long time...

    I will post the seating and some concert pictures for some advise den~

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    For Jay's concert, i will be sitting @T14 Row 26 Seat 10&11

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    S.H.E concert i sit ard T05 right the last row and these are some pics i took~

    Pls advise~
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