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Thread: care of storage of film

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    Default care of storage of film

    I understand professional flim, such as provia and velvia are usually stored in a refrigerator in the shops.

    May I know do you keep your professional film in a refrigerator? How long after purchase can I keep my film in room temperature (of cos assuming expiry date is not reached yet) before deterioration of emulsion sets in?


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    deterioration of emulsion
    it doesnt "deteriorate", it just changes quality/colour/whatever/ slightly, and u will never be able to see the difference. so theres no need to keep to keep in fridge.

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    Don't buy more than what you can use in a few months. If you know the film is "old", use for experimentation ... that means for important shoots, buy fresh film. Film is cheap, opportunities are priceless.

    I've never refrigerated my film ... I use a lot of bulk film, and since I loaded the canisters in "humid" conditions, I'd guess that freezing the film may produce ice crystals ... maybe baseless, but I'm also lazy to do it ...

    And if the worst happens and your film color shifts, never mind, just scan and do some digital darkroom magic with Photoshop !


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