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    Default Pentax Flash Settings

    Hold the 'Light' button lets u access the Slave mode where u can set to SL1 or SL2.
    But when you press the mode button, there is other to modes. one is PP(the other 1 i cant remember. What uses those 2 modes are?

    btw i using 540FGZ
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    You mean P-TTL, M, A and SB?

    M = you manually set the level of flash power output

    A = 'auto' thyristor mode, doesn't communicate with the camera like P-TTL does, instead you set the ISO and aperture and the flash adjusts power output based on the scene brightness

    SB = only use the AF assist lamp on the flash.

    IMHO A-mode is more reliable. P-TTL tend to meter under by 1-2 stops especially when the flash gets reflected somewhere in the scene. Also there is no pre-flashing in A-mode so you don't get shots with sleepy half-closed eyes among people whose eyes are more sensitive.
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    Default Re: Pentax Flash Settings


    SL i know. slave mode, 1 is intelligent, 2 is optical slave mode.
    whatabout PP and PH?
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    PP is only useful if you have the TR-3 external power pack

    PH 1/2 enables/disables auto power off after x minutes

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    thanks for d reply.
    Hows the PP setting affects d flash unit?
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