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Thread: Cat of Prosperity

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    Default Cat of Prosperity

    I was amazed by the gleam in their eyes, the golden glow in their faces and the fascinated expression they have prompted me to take this pic.

    The pic gives me an an impression this cats are in awe to see a pile of gold right in front of them (as reflected by the glow) and can't wait to get their share while waiting in line (by the gleam and the expression).

    Does this shot works for you ?

    Would like to hear from fellow CSers on the composition, point of focus, orientation etc of this pic and suggestion to improve on it.

    Please click on the pic for a bigger view, thks.
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    shot doesn't really work for me, would have preferred to single out one cat with shallow DOF to give the photo a stronger focal point. better still, capture a small mouse running among the cats in the pic (need some serendipity for that though!)


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