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Thread: Winter wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain View Post
    I will be in Spain and Paris, may be spending long periods outside as we like to explore abit.

    Barcelona is not so cold, and i may have time to shop there before i head to Paris, but we wanna look 'chic' so cracking our heads what we need so here it goes:

    Shoes, good grip and good for long walking, may get the timberland waterproof ones.
    My thoughts? SAF Gortex Boots. They've got a tight grip, waterproof (I can personally attest to its ability under TORRENTIAL RAIN conditions) and reasonably good for long walking.

    The best part? Its free (well, almost).

    Socks: woolen socks
    I go for normal socks, but I tend to sweat more under winter/cold conditions, so I usually wear and wash, leave it to dry over the heater overnight so that its clean, warm, cosy and set for the next day. Dats my preference though.

    Pants: Jeans should do the trick

    T-shirt + wool sweater, I got lots of wool sweaters, so should be good, I bring a light one for Spain and a thicker one for France.
    My thoughts? Bring just one thick one.

    Outerwear: To shop and to be found.

    Scarf, do you guys buy the woolen ones? My Mrs has a Mohair Scarf but I only have cotton ones, a few.
    Well, I've got those woolen furry ones. But I don't think it made too much of a difference on my neck.

    Hats, to be purchase in Spain.

    Ear Muffs, very little choices here.
    Ear Muffs, seriously, are more of a hassle to me than a necessity. I've got a pair but had worn it only once. Subsequently I juz hecked it for all my winter trips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montmelo View Post
    Actually, there are fantastic sale season in Spain 2 times a year (once in January/Feb and another in July/August period). Its similar to the Great Singapore Sale that we have here.
    Items go for up to 70% discount. Google it.

    Great Time to get your winter wear there too.
    Items from Spanish designers like Massimo Dutti, Zara & Mango will be at great prices. Sweaters & cashmere/wool coats will be at good prices.
    Not to go off topic but Camper shoes (which are damn comfortable & chic looking) will be at fantastic prices.

    I got a cashmere/wool knee length jacket in Barcelona.
    Normally 480Euros. Paid 250Euros during the sale.
    WOW! okie, no more shopping for me, in singapore! Paris also having a sale soon!

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    Northface is opening (don't know if it has opened) an outlet in Suntec... might want to check that out...

    for ear cover, maybe can get a woolen beanie hat where you can pull the side down so that the ears are at least partly covered... that's what they do in the football stadiums... should be quite affordable and not too dorkie

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