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Thread: Life Passes at a Glance

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    Hi, I'm a new to photography compared to the many experts here. This is one of my humble shots, hope you all can critique.

    Life Passes at a Glance

    I chose this title because this 'seasonal' tree, which is just next to a HDB void deck, used to be flourished with leaves and thus looks very full of life. However, due to its seasonal shedding of leaves, it'd become what it iis now. I just have this feeling that life is short and passes away at a glance, so I really hope to treasure life while we are still alive.

    Hope my description is not too clique and strange.
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    From a layman's eyes, the sky looks too blue to be true. You used cir polariser? or post processing?

    I would like it better if you shoot the entire tree instead. As it is, can't really match the pic to the title. Cannot bring out the "life is passing" feel. No glance or anything.. maybe if there are a few streaks of cloud, would be nicer. Not really your choice though.


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    It's just a tree.

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    Thanks very much for the comments.. Will improve next time... Maybe find an isolated tree and take.. Cos the right side of this tree is actually got HDB flats... which will degrade the pic.. Anyway thanks...


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