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Thread: D40 or 400D??

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    Default Re: D40 or 400D??

    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    the one you feel more comfortable with

    remember, you're buying into a SYSTEM, not a CAMERA

    also, make sure you like the interface/handling of the camera, if you buy a camera which feels weird in your hands.. you won't use it.
    yes. very true.

    Quote Originally Posted by buabua View Post
    Nikon lenses are more ex..

    D40X only uses the newer lenses meaning when u purchase lenses from the Buy/Sell forums need to take note of the lenses models.

    400D is able to use all the canon lenses in the market

    but personally i feel Nikon Flash are better.. but Canon ISO is better?
    Take note: all this is i personally feel.. no War PEACE.
    yep, nikon generally has higher noise than canon. in other words, the noise control of canon usu. better. (can bump up the ISO w/o much noise)

    same here, just my opinions. no war
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    Default Re: D40 or 400D??

    Personally I think Nikon has better reputation, and maybe optics.

    But I don't like D40/D40x series which support only AF-S or AF-I lenses for auto-focusing. You may need to check up for future compatibility issues for this.

    In terms of entry level, I think Canon is doing more attractive. Now you can consider 450D.

    However, if you plan to do for long term, should aim for better model of Nikon, or consider Sony.
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