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Thread: newbie needs holga & polaroid help!

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    Exclamation newbie needs holga & polaroid help!

    hi, i'm basically a newbie with a holga and a polaroid camera... need some help here ):

    1) i took one roll of 35mm film with the holga and went to a shop in peninsula plaza, level 2 (forgot what name) to develop it. the uncle never saw the holga before but he managed to take the film out in a changing bag. then apparently the film couldn't be developed cos i forgot to wind the film at some parts so it became a panorama. but the main problem is...

    when i opened up my holga today to load in a new roll of film, i realized that the film leader was missing. i think the uncle may have accidentally left it in his changing bag, but i'm worried that since he's never seen a holga before he might have thrown it away or sth does anyone know the phone number of this shop? it's on the second level...

    and does anyone know if i can buy a holga film leader somewhere?? or make one myself??

    2) i've taken at least 20 shots with my polaroid camera but today when i was taking a couple of shots there were these yellow splotches and some marks at the side that looked a bit plantish.. said photos here:

    <img src="">

    anyone know why these splotches and marks suddenly appeared? is it because the lens is dirty or something?

    please help!!! thank you all very much!

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    1) you can actually go to any shops that develop 120mm film and ask them for a 120mm film leader .. it should be free. if all else fail try going to triple d at burlington square the uncle there knows about holga and tell him you lost the film leader. he can also develop and scan pano 35mm for you.

    2) not sure but i think most prob the chemical on the film didn't mix properly hence the yellow patches.. happens most of the time for 600 film and its at random..

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    thank you so much for the help! that really helped a lot, i was a bit worried that i might have to buy the whole camera just to get the film leader or sth o and i'm a bit worried that there was something wrong with the polaroid film.. are the plantlike marks at the edge of the photos the result of chemicals not mixing properly too? cos they look quite definitively-shaped to me

    can i ask you what shops you recommend for 120mm film developing? actually i'm thinking of taking shots with 120mm film, but i heard it's quite expensive. what's the price range of 120mm film? thank you!

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    you can get 120 film at ruby or the camera shops around peninsular... can also get it triple d... usually shops which sell those film does the developing as well.. cost will be slightly more expensive than 35mm films..


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