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    i never had good experiences with past printers... head always clogs up and unable to print
    i need to get a printer soon. B&W will do. not for printing photos, just text. preferably not too expensive too...

    anybody has any brands, models to recommend? or any brands to avoid?
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    b/w printers get hp. cuz the printhead is on the ink catridge itself. so easily replaced.

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    If your print heads are getting clogged than, you must be a very low user.

    If you are willing to spend 300+ than you should get a low end laser printer, as they do not clog, are silent and the print outs won't smudge.

    If your budget is less, than an ink-jet printer of some sort is your only choice. However I would suggest one over $100 as the sub $100 ones, are either old technology or have a lot of cost savings done in the design, so reliability and longevity are an issue.

    As far as brands, I suggest you stick to HP, Cannon or Epson, no real difference in price or quality, just find one that gives you the features you want; you get what you pay for. Personally, I would avoid Lexmark as everyone I know has had problems with their Lexmark printers, and as for the rest, although there may be some good deals, because they are small players in the market, they may stop producing printers at any time, and getting service or cartridges can be a problem.

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    thx for the replies. yes, i was a low user.

    1 of my fren told me that he's using samsung printers.
    its a laser b&w printer and is cheap.
    however, toners are together wtih drums, and each refill cost about 100!! altho my fren tells me he has been printing for 1 year and its still on the first toner... (he prints maybe, once or twice a week i presume)

    does sounds reasonable to me... samsung website states average about 3k pages per toner.

    im considering this one... anyone tried or using it?
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