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Thread: Sony Cybershot DSC T2 or T70?

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    Default Sony Cybershot DSC T2 or T70? Urgent! Please.

    Hey, could anyone let me know which one of these cameras (T2 or T70) is better n worth to get? I'm planning to get either one of it. Thanx!
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    Default Re: Sony Cybershot DSC T2 or T70?

    It depends on your personal preferance. Have a feel of both cams & compare the specs to see which suits you better.
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    Default Re: Sony Cybershot DSC T2 or T70?

    i have seen the specs of both, n i think both are most likely the same specs. both are nice and cool design. stylish. but i wonder whether the picture quality same or not. so which one? i dont really care about the size of the LCD screen coz it is no much different. waaa. i really need a good suggestion and review!


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