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Thread: Aoraki/Mt Cook, NZ

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    Default Aoraki/Mt Cook, NZ

    Mt Cook is New Zealand's tallest peak. Known as Aoraki by the Maori, it is snowcapped whole year round. I walked the Hooker Valley Track, one of the more popular tracks in the region, which gives generous views of Mt Cook and the surrounding mountains/glaciers along the way.

    You'll be amazed how Mother Nature sculpted the rugged raw elements to give you such tranquil landscapes. Here, the terrain casts a serene reflection on Mueller Lake.

    The track ends at Hooker Lake, the terminal lake of the Hooker Glacier. Basically, the lake is formed by thawing ice from the glacier. Here, large chunks of glacier ice is still floating around while another tramper gazes on Mt Cook (not in picture). My Casio Pro Trek registered abt 6 degrees celsius... Brrr!

    The track took 4-5 hrs. After completing the track, I had *just* enough time to do another track. The Glencoe track, if done during sunrise or sunset, you'll be rewarded with nice alpenglow! Highly recommended, took only an hour!!


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    Memories of yester-years ..... oh how I missed my time in NZ ....

    Super clear and sharp ..... any more shots to share?

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    very nice.. sharp and colors properly shown...

    pic 2 is my fav.!

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    Hey, nice pics.

    Hope to visit there one day....

    Shot with what cam?
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    u were there for study? I've already posted a couple in this subforum, u may want to take a look

    Thanks melly, Freed,
    its taken with a Canon EOS10D with a variety of lens



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