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Thread: Take a number (newbie's 1st post)

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    Hi all,

    First attempt at posting a photo here, C&C are welcomed please.

    Was trying to show the unease of waiting for something to happen, looking at other around you in the same circumstances..

    Click here for larger image

    How can i improve this shot? Thank you

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    Hello.. any C&C please? 100 views but no comments yet

    Can anyone tell what this is?

    Taken at Ang Mo Kio

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    Hmm my guess would be those places where you hang your bird cage?

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    the picture is jumbled and messy, i get an idea of what you're trying but remember, the arrangement of lines in a frame can make or break a picture
    try to find the order within the mess, i'm thinking keeping the thing horizontal would be useful to the composition
    also, note that this is the critique corner, please do not play guessing games. it is ok if you do it elsewhere though

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    taking a number i feel must hav a larger string of no to choose. brings out the idea that way. the numbers in the pic abit too small. not obvious in enough in line with ur topic.

    my six cents worth.

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    thanks all for the comments

    apologies for the part on "guessing"

    will strive to improve in my future attempts


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