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Thread: Batteries for my Canon IXUS 330

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    I am thinking of purchasing an additional battery for my Canon IXUS 330, any recommendations for a good and inexpensive OEM brand of battery suitable for this camera? (I find the price for 'original' Canon batteries abit steep ... hehe )

    It uses Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (type NB-1LH/NB-1L) btw.

    Need a 2nd battery quite urgently coz my current battery only can last for 4hrs or so before conking out ... don't know why.
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    Unlike the Megapower BP511, the NB-L1H has no OEM equivalent. They only have the NB-L1, which has a lower capacity. I can tell you the difference in power capacity is quite obvious.

    In this case I would recommend springing for the original Canon NB-L1H, which actually lasts me a surprisingly long time (of course, I leave the LCD display off most of the time).

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    Oh ... i see. Thanks for the information and recommendation ... I'm abit of a noob, heheh.

    I usually leave my LCD display on, which probably explains why my battery doesn't last all that long.

    Will probably go down to SLS this weekend to get my 2nd battery.


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