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    Hi to all, i am a newbie here
    i am interested in the cannon 40D.
    but i am thinking which kit should i get?
    i am interested in macro photography and night scenery.
    i hope to explore more of my interest here.

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    i recommend 40D+16-35L f2.8 II

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    The 3k lens price tag might put him off, he's just starting. Just use the kit lens to practice until you're ready.

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    Recommend you start off with a 400D instead.

    For night scenes, don't think too much about the lens, get a good tripod instead.
    f/2.8 zooms ain't gonna help u if the shutter speed's like 5secs wide open.

    Get some teleconverters first, once u're ok with it liaoz den upgrade. Don't rush straight into macro lens.


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