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    Can any one advise me as to what would be the best setting on the camera for taking a photo through a glass window,
    I own two German Shepherd Pups one 14 months Old the other 6 months Old, Some times i can get a great photo of them through the Bathroom window if i catch them,
    but if i go outside they move,and the moment is gone, The Glass is Clear Glass not Frosted
    And i have a Nikon D40X camera
    Thanks for any replies

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    There's no right setting for taking pictures through glass. You only need to watch for reflections that could affect your picture. You could use a CPL filter to filter out the reflections, put your lens right up to the glass panel or make sure the room you are in is dark enough so that light doesn't bounce off the glass pane into your shot.
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    Just shoot as normal, but no flash or reflections.

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    Bring the lens right against the glass, should reduce the reflections to a minimum.

    Try not to shoot at a oblique angle, you'd tend to get reflections.
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    try to avoid shooting through glass, it has not been desgiend for optics like your lenses have been

    in any case, if you MUST shoot through glass, then do what zac08 has said, move your lens as close to the surface as possible (but take care.. friction can scratch).. and if possible, use a cpl to further minimise reflections from the glass, this will increase exposure timing required though.


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