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    how about aussie $ FD?
    about 7+% pa for 15k AUD - ocbc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Goi View Post
    Hi ... I like the autonomy I have with Maybank. I countered the problem by opening an iSAVvy Savings account and subsequently transferred my excess balance to their iSAVvy Time Deposit online ...
    This is what I am doing now too.
    Hope the interest rate will pick up higher just like last time.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by compro_1975 View Post
    ya they will always brainwash you once u in the room. my grandfather got brainwash and did something he din even know, yes, he claimed the person was very aggressive and language is also a problem where many things were not tell, in the end, complain lor...

    me is cos i 16 nia at tat time, not so much money so they din brainwash me much

    nw i trust the usual bank i go, and the single personal investment personnel i always go to~ try makin friends there to save those brainwashin bah, mayb they will really intro something gd
    I saw a sad incident in a local bank some years ago. A 60+ old woman that spoke only Hokkien wanted to renew a FD transactiom. The CFO insisted her to buy Aberdeen, after repeated failures the CFO invested her SGD $100,00.00 into the unit trust & told the old woman that is receipt of the FD transaction. This is very wicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    Make noise to the branch manager.

    But honestly, FD rates are so low it's ridiculous. There are much better products on the market with very little risk.
    FD rates are low but in the end you still get peanut.
    For products your capital is protected as the risk is small but you will lose the peanut you are supposed to collect.

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    yes, i think this is a problem that is getting OUT of hand.

    1. in banks, the job of the teller should only be to provide service, NOT sell some unit trust. The problem is that many of the older folks with quite a bit of savings are usually duped into buying some trust that DUN deliver on the returns...

    2. And there is no way to verify whether this old folks really understand what they are singing at that point in time. I really think it's good to make it a rule such that only those that ARE seeking such units trust etc are shown to a personal banker.

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