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Thread: Aperture for Prime Len

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    I'm thinking of buying a fixed focal len with a fixed aperture and in needs of some clarifications.

    Say that the fixed aperture is 1.4, can I adjust the aperture to other values by means of my camera, 'A' mode or when I use the 'P' mode?

    The reason why I am confused over this is becoz I was using my friend's 70-200mm f2.8. When I was using the 'P' mode, the aperture changed to f3.5 and some other values.

    I thought that since it has a fixed aperture, it will be the same throughout. So what happens if I want to use my 'A' mode?

    Appreciates your comments.

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    Default Re: Aperture for Prime Len

    that's maximum Aperture, not fixed, the widest aperture you able to use, the only FIXED aperture lens is mirror lens, which you can't change the lens aperture.

    btw, A mode, aka aperture priority, you select a aperture to be use, the camera decide what speed to go with.

    P mode, you let camera decide for you what is the best setting.
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    In addition to what catchlight said, this thread could be helpful
    It is the camera, not the photographer.
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