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Thread: Analog to Digital recording.........

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    Default Analog to Digital recording.........

    hi there,
    need help from you guys as i wanted to do some analog to digital recording. got some stuffs(songs) from old LP(records collections). best recording quality prefered.

    your expertise/recommendations are needed.

    1) is there a recorder that record analog music into digital format eg CD without using the PC?
    2) typically how much do they cost?
    3) how to avoid that spike signal at the beginning of the song etc.?
    4) direct burn into CDR?

    thanks in advance for any inputs.

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    Default Re: Analog to Digital recording.........

    I use X-OOM music cleaner. Just record on any analog device and plug into your PC sound card to record digitally. You can edit any spike.

    Magix music recorder is more or less the same thing in different package.

    There is one more sound cleaner software with a hardware phono stage provided for LP recording. May be a gimmick.


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