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    Default how to downsize..

    how to downsize the quality of the pictures (but keeping the original size..,, in order to post in internet mail by email

    it is because the original pic is almost 3MB..

    only cropping or ..??


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    Save for web in photoshop.

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    Save for web in photoshop.

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    If it's sending via email, suggest reduce the size to and avoid quality reduction. This will keep the file size small.

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    If you keep the original dimensions and downgrade the quality only, you'd see very bad jpeg artifacts when you save it down to such a low quality.

    Do consider reducing both the image and file size.
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    Here's wat I normally do based on windows platform with outlook, outlook express or windows mail as the mail client:

    Go to Win Explorer
    Click on the thumbnail of the pix u want to send out.
    On the left column, you will see one of the selection is "Email this file"
    From there, you can choose to reduce the file size or keep original
    There will be min loss in quality but the file size is greatly reduced
    Try it and cheers!
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    HI, thanks..

    will downsize to 640 x 480 (VGA) with software from fujifilm finePix..

    now using a apple laptop..

    Nice weekend to you all


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