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    hi guys

    anyone plays this game?

    i am able to install and run this game (original) in my fren's house. However, when I installed at my house, I am unable to run it.

    When I double click on the .exe file to play the game, the mouse cursor changes into a busy icon, then back to a normal pointer.

    Nothings happens.

    Anyone can put your guess as to what happens?

    im using a high-end geforce 7600.

    2 gig ram memory.

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    Whats your OS? I have it on both XP and Vista, both works fine

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    when os u using?
    update the game and update the gfx driver.

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    Is your home's computer's OS Legitimate?
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    Re-install the game, this happened to me recently with a game i brought. Re-install worked fine.

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    my os is windows xp professional.

    not sure whether its original or pirated. got it from a fren...

    I've uninstalled it and installed it again. cant run it. installation is fine.

    When I double clicked the icon, the mouse turns into busy mode then back to a normal mouse.

    When I ctrl alt del, it shows aoe3 as one of the application running. but nothing happens.

    Could it be because im using a chimei monitor? Maybe like monitor cannot support?

    how to update gfx driver?


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