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Thread: mail order domke bags

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    Default mail order domke bags

    i am thinking of buying a domke bag.

    due to favourable exchange rate, it seems that prices from USA is quite a bit lower than in spore (yet to factor in freight).

    i ve never done online shopping before?

    is it worth the effort?

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    Default Re: mail order domke bags

    a. if you dont mind waiting (2-3weeks on the avg)
    b. if you consider $20-30 (or even more) as savings from purchasing off the regular store
    c. if you dont mind the possibility that your order might be lost in the mail..

    if all 3 options are yes, please proceed with order..

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    Default Re: mail order domke bags


    cus the difference between the J2 can work out to be sin80 - 100 difference (excluding freight).

    but i dun buy often, guess will jus save the hassle and get locally.



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