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    I was on my way to the airport in the evening on new year's eve, and along ecp, i saw this AMAZING sky. Many many colours, blue, orange, white.

    So i rushed out my cam and took a series of shots and this in paticular interested me. It had the sunset colours and silhouettes of Singapore skyline and some cranes (IR developement)

    It kinda' reflects our continual development of an already developed city

    Some PP was done

    Comments and Critique greatly appreciated, dont scare to voice your likes or dislikes!

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    I certainly like the photo. What I dun like is the crane on the right. Think its distracting. I'll crop till the single crane on the right (to the left of the pair of cranes together) is at one third of the frame

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    one thing that strikes my notice immediately is that the photo is really soft, not sure if this is because of jpg compression, camera, or pp

    anyways, yes, the sky is amazing, but other than that, i must say that the composition here is too cluttered. there is too much happening in the photo, with no sense of order.. no sense of unity or balance whatsoever. the cranes also overlap with the buildings.. so unless you told me that those were buildings and cranes i won't really be able to tell with no description.
    keep shooting, cheers

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    I agree with night86mare about the clutterness of the pic. I think the pic can be further improved by turning all the objects into silhoutte feeling (that means all black). Some of the cranes can still be seen. You may want to find out how to do the silhoutte thing

    I like the sky too. Very dramatic. Hope to see more of your pics around ClubSNAP.

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    i like the idea behind this pic. contrary to what the previous 2 posters said, i think the cluttering aids in conveying the message about city construction. the city is a big sprawling cluttered mess. the overlaping of the cranes and skyscrapers hints of what the future development would look like. and the sunset adds to the entire mood. theres sort of a contrast between the serenity of the sunset, and the beauty of nature and the messy, destructive, hectic lives of men as reflected by the cranes and skyscrapers. what would be nice is if the cranes could frame the skyscrapers more, getting rid of the crane on the right and possibly cropping out some of the sky on the top. and lightening the shadows a little.

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    Too soft. Did you shoot it thru the window of your car/ on the move? Not to be mean or anything but for me, once a picture isnt tack sharp (unless intentionally), it loses all feel.
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    hi thanks all for the comments, yea as in the description was in a moving car thru the window. can it be soft also due to compression? i use image minimizer

    ill try edit it a little to see what i can come up with. my pp'in iznt that great


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