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    Ok... Here's the story.

    My friend who recently picked up photography as a hobby (He just bought a D40x), is also a car lover. He likes going around orchard road to snap a couple of pictures of flashy cars, and sent me his pics as he catches some 'exotics'. I saw that this picture had potential, as he managed to capture the essense of the people's reaction as they turn their heads, catching a glimpse of this red-hot Ferrari F430 zoom by. Thus, i decided to edit it (By cropping it, then de-satuate the surrounding colours, so as to make the F430 stand out).

    What do you think?
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    whats with the vignetting on the left?

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    Image is too static. Maybe could have used a slower shutter spd to capture some slight movement, that would really give u a "passing by" feeling. Such an image could be replicated with a park car to better effect.

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    but then if u had the panning effect then cannot show the effect of everyone's "headturn"...see that guy, closest to the car with his arms crossed!! ha-ha his expression is GOOD!!

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    i can 't see anything........

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    I'm quite the newbie in using PS but motion blur can be applied via PS....lemme try.

    To TS: Pls let me know if you want me to take down this image. Just say the word.
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    I think the 2nd image you shud blur the surrounding instead of the car.. looks more like the car travelling instead..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkingx View Post
    I think the 2nd image you shud blur the surrounding instead of the car.. looks more like the car travelling instead..
    Adding motion blur to the car would make it look like you're taking the shot from a tripod and the car happened to zoom past. Adding motion blur to the background gives the effect of a panning shot. =)

    Sorry for editing TS' picture without permission, this is to illustrate what I was talking about.
    If TS would like me to remove this pic, I'd gladly do so. =)

    Added motion blur to the background and side windows of the ferrari, radial blur to the wheels. Some motion blur to the rear of the ferrari to make it seem less perfect of a panning shot.
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    Ya, i agree that if the surrounding is blured, you can't see the 'headturns'. Anyway, thanks for your replies!


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