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    1)What effect does a circular polarising filter do? From what i know it can reduce sort of glare and light from the sun so the subject such as landscapes colour become more rich instead of washed out. If thats really true i'm thinking of getting a HOYA one for my SMC-M 50mm F2, will it work well or is it universal on any lens?

    2)anyone of you use the Pentax Remote control F? How do you find it... is it useful (ease of use, reliable)...

    3)Where do y'all get ur Pentax O-ME53 eyecup? Does it really ease manual focusing and accurate? Is it affordable...?

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    1) Some polarizing filter tips. It will work with your M 50mm f/2.

    2) I have the remote control F but i seldom/never use it as it is more for "in case i need one" situation and it is always in my grip. It is easy to use. I only take it out to test once or twice so i don't know how reliable it is. Personally i prefer and use the cable release most of the time.

    3) O-ME53 magnify the viewfinder, cost btw 40-50. For accurate and ease of manual focusing, better get a katzeye instead.

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    Thanks, but what is a Katzeye and where will i find one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilario View Post
    Thanks, but what is a Katzeye and where will i find one?
    I think it is this

    There is a China made alternative

    I have this, it is rougher round the edges, slightly thicker but the split screen works.
    However, I am no longer using it as I find it darkens the viewfinder and that's important to me.
    The split will also not work (too dark) for lens with aperture starting around f5-6.
    Check out this thread

    I find manual focusing really testing at times... even with split and OME53

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    Maybe you can also try this
    I have never use this... but if it magnify 2.5X.. it shoud help in focusing

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    Wow hahah, so i guess that kind of screen is like the ones found in film cams... but how do u install one? plug it into the viewfinder? That right angle is cool but i think abit overkill and weird if i use the cam for normal shots lol. Never mind, thanks for your input, i'll just stay still until i really need one
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