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Thread: Storage for Overseas trip.....

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    Default Re: Storage for Overseas trip.....

    Quote Originally Posted by CS TAN View Post
    I think if you take backup into consideration, you will need either 2) or 3) on top of enough 1).
    The Idea of hauling my 2.2kg Laptop along with all my other gears give me nightmares....

    On any standard dive trip..... my diving gears will go into the plane at 18-20+kg...... not including clothings and other stuffs (DSLR camera + lense + tripod = HEAVY).......

    Last thing I want to bring is a laptop......

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    Default Re: Storage for Overseas trip.....

    bring cards-
    they should be enough,
    and if they're not-
    im guessing you are travelling far enough and long enough
    to still be in touch with civilisation to check emails now and then or whatever
    and you can use those computer stations along the way to unload your pictures
    while checking your email
    and the latest gossip
    and of course log into the clubsnap forum

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    Default Re: Storage for Overseas trip.....

    Buying many SD/CF cards are of course the ideal.
    I would love to have a few of the fastest 8 GB SDHC cards
    It is just that the OTG offered me a cheaper alternative for many of us

    Some countries do have photo shops to help u back up into CDs and DVDs.
    But i find that troublesome. A <5 min transfer of one day's worth of photos into a small Hdd every night beats a trip to the local shop every day.

    Unless the internet shops / cafe can really offer super fast connections to upload ur pics.
    ( And not to mention sufficient online space to upload all ur pics )


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